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   I  am running for Southeastern Corner Regional Probate Judge, covering Groton, Ledyard, Stonington and North Stonington.  The seat is currently held by Attorney Nicholas F. Kepple who is required to retire in September 2021 due to age limits.  I seek your active support.

 I have lived in Groton with my husband and three children for the last fifteen years. My younger brother and I were raised in Stonington by my parents, Michael and Deborah Deasy. My father was local practicing attorney, with an office in Mystic between 1977 to when he passed away in 2004. 

             I am a product of the Stonington school system.  I am a graduate from Stonington High School and went on to attend the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management, the University of Hartford’s with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), and Western New England School of Law  with a Juris Doctorate. 

 I joined my father’s practice in 2004 and have been serving clients in the greater southern eastern Connecticut area for the past sixteen years. My practice is comprised of Estate & Trust planning, elder law, real estate, and business law. I have found that estate planning often involves a detailed knowledge of real estate law and business law, which I possess.  Perhaps even more important is my ability to convey real empathy and support for clients when they are in excruciatingly difficult life situations.  Folks need to access the Probate Court when a loved one dies, or when they need to take over the affairs of a loved one who is failing or not competent to manage their own affairs.  They need to go to the Probate Court when they are in dispute with siblings and other family members over legacies.  What these individuals need is care and support, clear explanation of the law, and effective advocacy. Because so many matters before the Probate Court deal with extremely sensitive personal matters, such as death and disability, I have learned that the Probate Court needs to be a compassionate, welcoming, and understanding institution.  Individuals who need action by the Probate Court are often in grief and can find the entire process frustrating and incomprehensible.

             I pride myself on being able to explain, in a compassionate yet thorough matter, what needs to be done and how to get it done.  I have dozens of clients and former clients who will attest to my gentle and comprehensible style.  As the Probate Judge, I want to bring that approach to the Probate Court.  I want the Southeastern Corner Regional Probate Court to be as kind and considerate an institution as is possible under our system of laws.

             Still, I do not want to minimize the complexity of the law administered by the Probate Court.  The Court is grounded on the protection of the rights of all individuals, so the procedures to identify and notify absent interested parties can be cumbersome and time consuming.  Conserving an individual, which is basically about stripping a person of his or her basic civil rights, is fraught with procedural hurdles because, we, as a society, do not want to disenfranchise anyone except in extreme cases.  So, the new Probate Judge needs to have a detailed, working knowledge of the law in this area.  That, I have. 

 During the last fifteen years I have lived in Groton, I have immersed myself in the community.  For the past eight years, I have served on and am now the chair of the Historic District Commission.  I have donated my time as legal counsel and volunteer at Mystic Eats.  I provide pro bono counsel for Mystic River Homes and for Groton Community Meals.  I was instrumental in organizing and bringing to the community the Mystic Half Marathon, which draws thousands of runners, pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy. I was one of the original organizers of the Mystic Shark Fest, having both competed and volunteered to be a safety monitor for the event.  

 I have three children that all attend Groton public schools. Kara and Grace attend the Marine Science Magnet High School and Liam attends SB Butler Elementary School. All my children are very active in sports and when I am not at a community event I am rooting on the sidelines of a sports field. I love to participate in races of my own. I am a triathlete, marathoner, and adventure racer.  Much of this I do on my own, as my husband is a member of the Air National Guard and has been deployed on numerous occasions around the world.